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Tech Smart

QR Codes For Marketing – 10 Great Ideas to Grow Your Business   With the increase in usage of smartphones and mobile apps, it’s about time we start using QR codes for your business. QR codes guide new customers to social media account, brand’s store, etc. 1.) Business Cards By using a QR code on your business card, the code will automatically lead people who scan this to your social media accounts, business websites, or ever your resume. 2.) Email Newsletter Signup Forms Create a QR code that leads to a signup form and put it at places such as stores, .etc, where people can scan the code. After scanning, they can just view it any time of the day. You can use MailChimp list (comes with own QR code). 3.) Online Grocery Shopping Nowadays, the best way to promote you business is with QR codes, through this, you can actually attract new users, especially since everyone is...