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Be new and innovative with our newest automated systems with chat bots. We can create automated responses that will talk to your potential buyers while your busy doing other things. It can even be working while you’re asleep. These automated responses are incredible in helping answer the most common questions that are asked as well as reassuring the person that someone will be with them as soon as possible. That extra layer to show your customers that you care about them and building trust.

Bots can even be set to create a subscription-based following. So you can do big announcements for the specific people that opt-in to engage with your bot.
You will be able to Move prospects and customers through their buying journey at lightening speed, 24/7 in a way that they genuinely enjoy.


  • What is a Chat Bot?
    A piece of software designed to communicate with humans through a messaging platform like Facebook Messenger. It automates simple tasks and conversations and hands off the conversation to a human at the right time.


Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming the BIGGEST Marketing Channel in Business!!!!

Why is that? Let’s look at the facts, shall we…
Messages have a 70%-80% open rate!
And a 65% Click Through Rate!


Compared to Email Marketing of…

15%-20% Open Rate
3.5%-5% Click Through Rate!

We can create for you a unique working Messaging Chat Bot that gets your message across to a platform that will for sure work for you!

Other Questions You might have about Chatbots…

What will this run me?
  • Our basic bot $125 setup comes with 10 Step Interaction.
  • Our Standard Bot $395 setup comes with 30 Step Interaction.
  • Our Premium Bot $695 setup comes with 60 Step Interaction.
    Note: We can customize and do as many as you need and will quote you accordingly.

Is there a monthly fee? Do I need to sign up with Manychat or a chatbot service?

Currently No monthly Fee! We have an unlimited access account to house as many bot services we need so it does not require you paying a requiring fee which using our services will pay for itself in the long run! Normally would cost you a min of $10 up to  $300/month!