How to harness the power of Facebook reviews for your business.

Business page reviews on Facebook are important for 2 reasons.

First, they allow you to build credibility. Second, search engines such as Google use Facebook reviews as ranking hints. Therefore, it is crucial to consider getting page reviews on Facebook.

Create an easy link to link the current customers, website visitors, or email readers. Also, make sure to keep the link saved for subsequent online dialogues with customers and electronic chats. In chat sessions that you enter on your website, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, or some other effective communication site, ask your customers for an evaluation and drop the link in the chat.

Facebook Reviews

How to Turn On Review Tab:

If it is a newer Facebook page it can be very likely that your review settings are turned off and not available. You will need to change this.

Once logged in and on your business page, go to the left-hand side to the bottom options then click Settings, followed by Templates and Tabs (toggle Reviews On).

Please use the following instruction to access your Facebook Review Page.

  1. The most effective way to access your Facebook Reviews Tab is to directly click this link FacebookPageName. By doing so, you direct the visitor to your Facebook Reviews Tab where visitors are able to leave a review. However, iPhone users won’t be sent to your reviews page when using this method.
  2. If you wish, you can link to your Facebook page by using your Facebook page ID instead of your Facebook page Name to link to your Facebook page. This will guarantee that people will see your page regardless of whether they’re using a mobile device or your desktop computer. The downside is that they can visit the Reviews tab. Alternatively, users who access Facebook using a mobile phone will be brought to a web browser, rather than being redirected to your Facebook page.
    – You can get your Facebook Page ID at HTTPS
  3. Identify the document or image file that you want to link from your Facebook Reviews Page. One thing to note is that hyperlinks from email signatures and email content are discouraged, as well as images, which might render your links bad. Instead, we recommend adding a word or sentence to your Facebook Page.
  4. Highlighting a text word involves choosing one of the following types of connections, depending on the program you are working in.
  5. Select the text you wish to turn into a link, then do one of the following: Right-click on any highlighted word or phrase and choose Hyperlink. Choose the Hyperlink icon from your pull-down menu or an edit bar. Select Insert Hyperlink from the menu.
    After you click “Connect,” insert your Facebook Page URL as described above.

Please note: Currently, Facebook requires all users to log in to leave a GDPR-related review on the site. Be sure to test all links before and after they go live to ensure accuracy and functionality.

Realizing the significance of having Facebook reviews, we implement review management systems that can be conveniently added to your business to help boost your credibility and help build your company!


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